Thursday, November 18, 2010

Elk Hunting 3rd Season Paonia ,CO

Edwin in Position for his shot.
Some friends of mine Edwin and Rand made their way to Paonia, Colorado and did a little elk hunting this past week during the 3rd Season.  They went to a place called ZX Ranch & Lodge which is a privately own elk hunting and trout fishing hot spot.  They stayed in a cabin with no TV, Internet, and the phone was one that only received calls not one you can call out on. The cabin was heated by wood so they said the mornings were cool as the fire had died down from the nights rest.  So they were roughing it. Sounds awesome!  They spent their nights playing cards and games and getting to know the other hunters at the ranch. 

Rand and Edwin
They both had cow tags and were both very successful as I hear as I talked to Edwin today and this is what he had to say, "Rand and I just finished the best time of our lives!! Rand and I both filled our Elk tags!! and spent the rest of the trip looking for bear. We were blessed, it was very magical."  Rand took his elk at 125 yds with his Remington 300 rifle and Edwin took his elk down with two shots one at 380 yds and then a second at 420 yds. Their guide was Josh Cranson  who is a very experience guide in Elk, Bear, and Trout, hunting and fishing along with years of experience as a white water guide.  All the hunters at the ranch during the time they were there were successful and harvested their elk.

Although they were not able to fulfill their bear tags this year do to the heavy snows they are planing a return trip next year for some more elk action and hopefully that bear mount.

Cow Elk in the back of the Polaris Rand took!
 For all you fathers out there looking for a great trip to take your sons and or daughters on this is the place to go and a Great place to have some good Father Daughter or Father Son bonding.

Beautiful Landscape
Another Great Pic of Father and Son.

On Saturday this past weekend my wife kids and I were invited over for the stories and to partake in the fruits of their trip.  Edwin is a master chef in my book and the meal was amazing!  We had elk loins and back straps marinated in red wine and a bunch of secret ingredients sauteed over a gas stove.   The juices from the loins and straps were turned into a gravy that was layed over the meat and his famous mashed potatoes.  There was also a green bean mix of onions and bacon and spices which was outstanding as well.  Definitely a meal I will remember.  

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